Experience Virgin Gorda Beaches

Devil's Bay Beach

This National Park is accessible by boat or by walking through the trails of The Baths. The beach is pure white sand and sprinkled with large granite boulders. Its deep blue waters make for excellent diving and snorkeling.

Mahoe Bay Beach

This remote quiet beach with vivid blue water is located north of Savannah Bay. The bay lies at the end of a tropically landscaped drive leading to a restaurant, beach resorts, and villas. Its gentle sandy curves and two picturesque reefs afford wonderful water activities.

Savannah Bay Beach

Located to the north of Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and with spectacular sunsets, Savannah Bay is a beautiful long curving stretch of sand perfect for relaxing on the beach and swimming.

Spring Bay Beach

Sprinkled with boulders, this stretch of white sand is one of Virgin Gorda’s loveliest and features some of The BVIs clearest waters.

Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay is one of a series of spectacular white sand beaches that line Virgin Gorda’s western shore. Bordered by a private estate and a palm grove, Trunk Bay can be reached by boat or along a path from Spring Bay.